Factory Direct USB

There are hundreds thousands of USB Flash Drive models for custom printed options out there in the market. To choose the most suitable model for each purpose, will take time. With our assistance, we will make this process easy and result successful.
We select 15 classic models

  1. Card USB Flash Drives
  2. Swivel USB Flash Drives
  3. Key USB Flash Drives
  4. Slim Metal USB Flash Drive
  5. Wristband USB Flash Drives
  6. Nature USB Flash Drives ( wood/Bamboo)
  7. Lanyard USB Flash Drives
  8. Leather Executive USB Flash Drives
  9. Pen USB Flash Drives
  10. Classic USB Flash Drives
  11. Pod USB Flash Drives
  12. Silica Gel USB Flash Drives
  13. Chrystal USB Flash Drives
  14. Mobile USB (OTG) Flash Drives
  15. Cassette USB Flash Drive

For purpose, we category the USB Thumb Drives into below 6 categories:

  1. Custom flash drives for photographers
  2. Custom printed USB Flash Drive for Product Manual/ Videos
  3. USB Flash Drive as Business Gift
  4. Travel Resort Souvenir USB Flash Drive
  5. Custom Flash Drive Playlist Album from Musicians
  6. Custom Flash Drive Photo Album for Reunion
  7. 100% Custom Design USB Flash Drive

You could check the category you are interested in, or just email us with your ideas or artworks. We will provide solutions to your needs.


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